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The details involved with interior design services can be difficult to navigate. I work with homeowners and professionals who need guidance when updating their interior space.  


The best designs depend on knowing client's needs upfront.  The trust we build working together results in being able to make those bold moves that take your interiors from good to fabulous!  My approach with the design process is friendly, professional and transparent. In return, I expect clients to be open and honest with their feedback.  


I understand design projects are more than a business transaction, this is your home, your personal space. Please know I will honor your decisions and provide discretion as we walk through the design process together.

Family Room
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Signature Service

SHIFT includes looking forward to the changes ahead. You are in the midst of relocating or building a new home. You want a thoughtful, functional, and beautifully finished space but have no idea where to begin! Let's get it right the first time. I bring clarity, efficiency, and organization to the moving process  AND  beautiful results! When we work together, you will discover that relocating can be an exciting time. You’ll feel empowered as I help you connect meaningful details into a fresh design concept for your new home. I mix important pieces that you already have in with new furniture, finishes or styles. Your new home will be personalized and ready for you to start living.

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A Designer by Your Side service works in time bundles so you can decide how much, or little, involvement you want in fulfilling your project’s needs.


This time can be used for reviewing plans, selecting lighting or finishes together, rearranging your existing furniture or accessories, local shopping, hanging wall décor, styling and more.

Times bundles are available in 15, 20, and 30 hours increments.

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More about the process and what each phase is:


We start with a complimentary phone or video call so I can get to know you, see your space, learn about your design project, and see if we're a great fit together.

Timeline: 30 minutes


A Design Jumpstart is the beginning of a project or can be a stand-alone consultation. The jumpstart is when to share more about your design preferences, current challenges and details to include in the project. I will ask you questions, take photographs, measure, and be on the lookout for unspoken requirements and unique opportunities. This meeting helps me get to know your personality and understand what makes you smile. After our jumpstart session, I provide a proposal to move forward together.


Timeline: 2 hours.  Investment $200


I work with you to create a concept, or overall direction, and present it with the appropriate finishes and selections. We keep communication open to ensure you are happy with the personalized details and designs along the way. This fun step includes an overall visual concept, mood-boards, possible renderings, and a presentation to see and feel samples. I provide a comprehensive color scheme; furniture layout and recommended furnishings and more to get started on your project.

Timeline: about 6-8 weeks.

Investment: (15 hours design time minimum)



The Design Implementation and Installation process is a multipart step that includes finalizing plans, product sourcing, order procurement, delivery, installation, and several site visits, if local.


Timeline: 2+ months depending on product availability

Investment: Depends on scope of project

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