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As a small child, I remember pushing heavy furniture around my Charlotte, NC bedroom until the arrangement made me happy.  I had to get the placement just right! 


I bounced around my home state after attending NCSU in Raleigh for undergrad. I later moved to the coast and earned a degree in Interior Design.  While in Wilmington, NC, I gained experience working in a furniture showroom, at a residential and commercial interior design studio , and an elite real estate firm.

My husband and I relocated 5 times in just 2.5 years.  We set a record for ourselves living in our past home in Burlington, NC for 6 years. We updated and refreshed the entire house before selling it in 2021. Our last move was to Anniston, Alabama and where we plan to stay!

These days you’ll still find me rearranging furniture. I love creating design concepts, shopping for deals and helping others achieve a look they love. The extra moves and the chaos of past years have made something extra clear to me. Where time is spent with loved ones is a big deal. 

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I enjoy bending the rules to incorporate various design styles and colors. It’s fun to add interesting twists so the design is personalized. My goal is to make the process easier for clients so they can simply smile and enjoy time in their homes.

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How To Design Your Perfect Move

Grab your free copy of this ultimate guide for moving. My process is efficient to keep you on track with plans, budget and design.

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