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I felt like Susan’s top priority throughout the process and it was great to see how quickly she could bring the room together!


Susan was phenomenal! I wanted to create an office space that felt open, light and flowed easily. Aside from how I wanted this space to feel, I didn't have concrete ideas on a desk space or lighting. After communicating my "vision", Susan sent me multiple options to consider for lighting and a desk within the same day. The desk and lighting are exactly what I had envisioned and I am so thrilled with my new space. Susan made it so easy and took the "chore" of looking for pieces off my hands. I am so grateful!!


Susan was a lifesaver for me! As a new business owner, I had a lot on my plate! I had one painting that I had chosen for the whole office. All I did was show it to Susan and soon she had a concept and plans. I was able to implement her designs little by little as our budget allowed. She made this process easy! I highly recommend her!!

Dr. Natalie Lindell

Susan's creativity and organizational skills are second to none.

I count on her for just the right look.


I can’t manage what I can’t see! I am a visual person with limited vision. So…when it was time to hang art and choose interior paint colors, I did what I do, I procrastinated.
    Susan noticed my lack of progress and when I sought her advice “she took control”. Exactly what I needed.  She asked my favorite colors, the art that made me happy, and within hours “mission accomplished”.  Without Susan’s creativity, and economical ideas, I would still be sitting in a disheveled house.  Art was hung, existing furniture moved, and plants and decor rearranged. I felt at home and happy.
       Remember….in the South you can never be too kind, too gracious, or have your home “too well dressed”.   Ask Susan to help you “dress up” your happy place. I think you will appreciate her eye for detail.


I can’t thank Susan enough. I spent countless hours, worked with dozens of paint swathes and spent hundreds of dollars in paint and labor, unsuccessfully searching for color combinations. Susan met me at my home with multiple color samples and within a half an hour had the perfect combination of paints.


Looking forward to your updated info. I feel like I’ve fallen into an HGTV episode and I’m loving it.

Susan had large paint swatches mailed to me to pick a color for my accent wall. I was amazed how quickly we could narrow it down by talking through them- it was painless!


I have enjoyed seeing your talent in action and am so pleased that I feel like I've gotten to know an interesting, creative new friend. I wish you all the best as you expand your touch around Calhoun and surrounding environments.


Susan helped make our our long anticipated beach house  a reality! Thanks to the hard work and her beautiful eye for details and color. Every inch of our 4,500 square foot home has her creative touch. She worked with closely with contractors, installers, furniture companies and us, her parents. Working with parents is never easy, but  Susan’s end result is magical. We love it all- from the custom cabinetry designs, window treatments,  to the lighting. Guests have loved coming to our beach home over the years because of her personalized touches and how at home they feel.


Working with Susan Teachey was a fabulous experience! I tend to shy away from major changes, because I have difficulty visualizing the results.  Susan walked me through the process and even did a mark up of possible new colors on our home.  She replied promptly to all of my emails and messages and gave me additional choices when I was able to verbalize what I didn’t like.  Working with an indecisive client must be exasperating for a designer, but Susan was incredibly patient and helped me find just the right colors.


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