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Pass Project, Alabama

This project includes updates to the living areas of the home. The living and dining rooms flow into each other with a wide opening, so a single, light color was used to paint the walls. The views from the large windows in the dining room are a lovely feature. The dramatic dark ceiling, neutral window panels and minimal lines of the chandelier help frame the unique view. The navy and gold int the dining room is woven also woven into other accessories throughout the home. 

The laundry room was refreshed with a beach theme to help chores look more chic!

Susan Teachey-44.jpg
Susan Teachey-46.jpg
Susan Teachey-45.jpg
Susan Teachey-37.jpg
Susan Teachey-48.jpg
Susan Teachey-39.jpg
Susan Teachey-43.jpg
Susan Teachey-42.jpg
Susan Teachey-50.jpg
Teachey Laundry-1.jpg
Teachey Laundry-4.jpg
Teachey Laundry-3.jpg


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