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Pass Project, Alabama

This project focuses on revitalizing the home's living areas. Seamless connectivity between the living and dining rooms is enhanced by a unifying, light wall color, creating an open and inviting ambiance. Large windows in the dining room showcase breathtaking views, complemented by a striking dark ceiling, neutral window panels, and a sleek chandelier that frames the unique scenery. The navy and gold accents in the dining room are thoughtfully woven into various accessories throughout the home.

In a delightful twist, the laundry room underwent a chic transformation with a refreshing beach theme, turning mundane chores into a stylish affair."

Susan Teachey-44.jpg
Susan Teachey-46.jpg
Susan Teachey-45.jpg
Susan Teachey-37.jpg
Susan Teachey-48.jpg
Susan Teachey-39.jpg
Susan Teachey-43.jpg
Susan Teachey-42.jpg
Susan Teachey-50.jpg
Teachey Laundry-1.jpg
Teachey Laundry-4.jpg
Teachey Laundry-3.jpg


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