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Furniture Market Trends for 2024

A recap of my Fall 2024 Furniture Market Trip

Where is Color Going, Forecasts for 2024's interiors

Lighting trends that you can look forward to finding now and in 2024.

Antiques & Design -- Heirloom Beginnings

PLUS Meeting Ben & Erin Napier for a quick photo + visit before they spoke about importance of American Made.

Furniture Market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show for retailers and design professionals in. It is held in High Point, NC each April and October and with over 11 million square feet of showrooms and exhibitors from around the world.

Antiques, vintage and one-of-kind furnishings are available for designers to create exclusive and personalized interiors.

Lighting showrooms were full of dazzling looks — some classic, some cutting-edge and lots were a lovely combination of the two with. You can expect more technology mixed with traditional forms.

Here are some of the interior lighting trends that you can look forward to finding now and in 2024.

Modern takes on Traditional Shapes

Woven and Beaded Construction

Ceramic and Matte Whites

Gorgeous Glass

Chunky Chains

2024 in Color

reds + pink These colors are great choices for rooms that get lots of natural light as they reflect light well, which can help make your space feel brighter.

warm whites

olive green

more blues

moody jewel tones

The Right Spot

Educational events and hearing from industry experts is another part of market to learn from. One morning I attended Erin & Ben Napier talk sponsored by Sherwin Williams about sourcing American made goods. Here is what I noticed about them --

They only support and make American made goods.

Into sustainability- for their girls.

They’re real, genuine people. I could relate as they’re super protective of their girls. Ben made sure their daughter wouldn’t be in a photo when I ran into them. I totally respect that and follow the same restrictions with my kiddos too.

Erin said “I’m a mama before anything.” LOVE THAT!

Ben had on some amazing boots!

In Person

Seeing products in person makes all the difference!

Pictures aren’t always the best way to experience how something really comes across. Going to market allows the advantage first-hand knowledge of details, quality, feel, construction and more.

If I recommend a certain item, you can be sure that I’ve researched, seen or know the story behind it. That attention to detail is how I am able to confidently suggest it to you.

Let's Talk

Ready to make home into an entertaining dream? Contact me so I can help you design a space with function and flair that fits your lifestyle. *Many of the photos used in this market edition are from my own pictures. Other photos include images from companies Jamie Young, Hinkley, Made Goods and more.


Book an appointment on the website if you have questions or want to chat about your how to refresh your Oxford,Lake Wedowee, or Anniston and beyond home in 2024.

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