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Equestrian Decor

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The 148th Derby is being held this weekend. It's no wonder that Equestrian style has become a classic, the Kentucky Derby is the longest continually held sporting event in the US. I've come across some beautiful Equestrian goods for both avid riders and those who want to add it into their decors.

You can incorporate a horse motif in your home whether you are an avid rider or simply love the classic style of equestrian decor.

Rooms designed with an equestrian flair can be accomplished in a beautiful, tasteful way. The key to pulling off this style is a curated arrangement of pieces.

Equestrian decor can be used with several interior design styles. What will set it apart or make it flow with your space depends on the colors or items used.

Notice how the look changes, even when using the same fire screen and coffee table in the two mood boards on this page

The equestrian style to the above right has a chic, eclectic twist. The bright, fresh colors and chair with its clean lines and single stripe lend a current feel. The colorful rug and original art add a casual playfulness to the room's overall feel.

A classic equestrian motif is depicted in the second mood board. A dark, plaid chair with nail head trim and the use of rich, warm browns are a longstanding, traditional look. This combination of pieces conjures images of an English Cottage or countryside manor.

There are ways to slip a horse into the home, even if you live with others who do not share the same equestrian enthusiasm. Horses and stable-inspired items have a long history of being included many interior decorating styles.

Tips for adding equestrian details:

  • Details such as leather and warm wood tones help add flair without the horse.

  • Shapes in furniture or lighting can emulate horse tack items like bits, stirrups.

  • A large, well placed equestrian inspired piece (lighting, art, accessories or furniture) makes a statement on its own

It's possible to shake things up and move past the classic plaids and dark colors associated with traditional equestrian looks to a newer, fresher look.

Companies have come up interesting designs and products that incorporate horses in unique ways. Whether you want a little or a lot, it's possible to find tasteful pieces that will add equestrian flair to your space.

Pictured on this page from top to bottom: modern combo of pink and green horse wallpaper, stirrup candle sticks, painted paint art with fresh colors, wall sconce with leather strap and fireplace screen with a bit shaped design.

The wonderful thing about nature is it does not go out of style!

Natural wood tones and earthy colors are currently trending as people look to bring nature indoors. This means the cooler toned neutrals are on the way out as warmer shades of brown are becoming more popular. Patterns for fabrics and wallpapers are also very nature focused with colors and animal prints.

Ready to bring an equestrian vibe into your space? I will fit the right balance of this classic theme into your home with function and flair that fits YOUR lifestyle.

*Many of the photos used in this equestrian edition are from my trade resources. Arteriors, Hooker Furniture, Fairfield, Kichler, Katie Kime, Regina Andrew, Spoonflower, Signature Hardware, Uttermost and Wayfair.



You can book an appointment on the website if you have questions or want to chat about your Equestrian Decor.

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