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Coastal Twists

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Coastal style is commonly associated with the waterfront homes of the eastern seaboard, from the Florida Keys on up to the Hamptons. This beach vibe is meant to be fresh and light and is a fun look no matter where you live! Good news, coastal design is more than just for summertime. This month I'm sharing tasteful ways to bring the relaxing coast into your home year round.

Coastal style is commonly associated with waterfront homes of the eastern seaboard, from the Florida Keys to the Hamptons.

Seaside elements include textures, shapes and colors- blues, aquas, corals, and neutrals. This beach vibe is meant to be fresh and light and is a fun look no matter where you live!

Blues and whites are the norm but coastal designs can also be pretty in pink! Changing up accents and colors in a design makes the coastal style so versatile. As long as it's sophisticated and relaxed, your coastal oasis can be anywhere with any color you chose!

Various Coastal Details

Ways to slop the coastal look into a space that's not even on the water.

  • natural light

  • layered neutrals

  • textured elements like jute, glass or linen

  • comfortable furniture with linen or cotton

  • open layouts

  • colorful bursts of colors

  • classic blue and white stripes


Coastal interior design depends on what region you are designing for. If palm fronds or trees are included the design is typically considered tropical. Think of vibrant, colorful locations such as Hawaii or the Caribbean islands.

Natural Elements to incorporate into a tropical style design are wooden floors, rattan furniture and simple textiles. The important part to remember when going tropical is less is actually more!

Sunlight is a major component to pull off a tropical style. That's because homes in the tropics are designed around their climate and air movement. A room drenched in natural light is like a break of fresh air.

Features like mellow, calming colors, sleek geometric lines, and strategically-placed greenery are used in tropical designs too. Notice the commonality in each of these photos? Yep, it's the greenery. That's because chic and sophisticated tropical design elements portray this style best in an understated way.

Coastal Grandmother Interior Design Style

This style name popped up from a TikTOk influenecer. But what is it?

In a nutshell it's

  • warm ocean color palette

  • woven textured fabric

  • natural fiber fixture and furniture

  • white and natural wood tables and dressers

  • neutral rugs

  • brass or nickel finishes

Sleeping Space

Beach house often have a bunkroom or some other sort of sleeping arrangement that does double duty.

The beach is oftern a place for friends and families to gather. When staying in a single house the bedrooms are designed to sleep as many people as possible.

A wall bed, or Murphy Bed, is another way to save space. These flip up beds turn small bedrooms, offices or playrooms into multipurpose spaces. When the bed isn't in use, more of the room is available for other needs. The bed pictured here was built in this beach home's playroom as an extra bed when more guests are visiting.

Ready to add some coastal style into your space? I'd be happy to fit the right balance of coastal elements into your home that are personalized for your needs. Just ask me if you are interested in something specific and I'd be happy to help.

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