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2-22-22 = 5 Makeover Tips for the Bedroom

By: Susan Teachey

In honor of the 5 "2"s of this special day, 2-22-22, I'm going to share how to breathe a little emotion and devotion into your spaces. Bedrooms are the focus this month as they are places that we should find comfort, relaxation, and warmth especially in the winter months. But because they aren’t as visible to guests and often don’t receive the same intentional attention, they become spaces for latchkey style, terrible flow, and no tranquility.

I know that you DESERVE a bedroom that welcomes and relaxes you. So, this month we'll focus on taking those dreams you have of creating a breathtaking bedroom and sharing my top 5 tips to making it a reality. Whether you’re looking for a new design or simply a refreshed makeover, I'll give you the inside scoop on making over those bedroom blahs.

1. Refine

Whether you’re thinking about building a new design or simply giving your current room a refresh, the first thing that we suggest to clients is to take inventory of how your bedroom makes you feel. If it doesn’t inspire relaxation and rejuvenation, take a look through what is currently holding space in your room and decide if it stays or goes. While bedrooms are easy spots to put things that don’t have a place elsewhere in the home or aren’t otherwise up to our style standards but “still do the job”, your bedroom should be your sanctuary so make editing decisions that have a positive impact on the look, feel, and purpose of the bedroom. What doesn’t fit or feel good should go. And if it doesn’t match your style or vision, well, you know what to do.

Photo Carol & Frank

2. Layout Logistics

Making sure that your furnishings fit and have a good flow is important. The architecture of your bedroom will dictate where the bed should be placed, accessible from three sides, but think about where your nightstands, dressers, armoires, chairs, TV and lighting will go and how those will impact the circulation. Drawing it out and talking it out with your architect, design team, or even your partner will help you decide the best layout for your lair.

Photo: Thibaut

3. The Power of Paint

Don’t underestimate the incredible impact that a little paint can have on a room. When you’re looking at what will suit the room best, take into consideration your own lifestyle, preferences, and personality. Feel free to use the palettes that inspire your hobbies, your favorite places, or even colors that remind you of something special. Try to stay away from colors that are bold and energize you—this is the place to relax and wind down after all! Paint can also be a beautiful finish on ceilings, furniture, and even floors so keep an open eye and open mind. Choose paint and accessories made of good quality for the best results and whether you DIY or outsource the painting project, expect a big transformation.

Photo: Spacejoy/Unsplash

4. A Room with a View

There are two things to consider when we talk about views. The first is to consider what you experience when you enter. Are you looking directly at a bed, staring at a large dresser, or are you able to look out through the window onto the vistas outside? If you’re unable to change the architecture, is there a way to play up that view by highlighting it in some way? The second thing to take into consideration is the view that is offered from the more public areas of the home and how you can minimize the visibility of your personal space. So, what can someone see who is sitting in the living room, dining room, or kitchen? Do they have a sightline to your bed or to the window in your room? Changing this can be trickier for those that are refreshing an existing room but a helpful tip could be to try to place your bed out of the line of sight. Don’t be afraid to try it out and make changes that benefit you individually.

Photo: Katie Kime

5. Lights, Color, Accessorize

Because this space is personal and unique to you, choose things with your life in mind. Get a bedside lamp for reading, a sitting chair for relaxing or readying in the mornings or repurpose an heirloom to provide nostalgia and extra use. Take advantage of the natural light in the room and capitalize on the incredible ambience it gives with drapery or curtains that enhance the feel. Are there other things you need to feel cozy and welcome? If you find that you have things that could work but don’t match your style, can you update the finish to suit your look?

The big thing to think about in making your bedroom blahs a thing of the past is to define what you need out of your space in function and style. Take your time to really think about what you want, what will fit physically and stylistically, and how you can make your dreams of a breathtaking bedroom a reality.

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